Immortal 8

Diamonds and the mechanic of Equilibrium

Publisher diary 6/8

In this 6th article, we will focus on the last resource available in Immortal 8: Diamonds. We will also discuss the mechanism of Equilibrium, represented by Xi’an, the Collector Immortal.

Cover – non-final artwork
Cover – non-final artwork

First, only 3 cards allow you to gain Diamonds :

Second, it's a limited resource, with only 5 copies of it. At the end of the game, Diamonds get you VP according to a scarcity system :

  • A Wonder : The Diamond Mine.
  • A Building: The Incredible Market of Xi’an.

Obtaining Diamonds is strongly linked to the turn order. A player who plays earlier in a round and chooses to get a Diamond puts pressure on his next opponents. Indeed, getting a Diamond is very expensive (your opponents will have to give up some choices to get one) and because the value of Diamonds drops easily, it is less motivating to invest in it.

  • If there is only one Diamond in play, it scores 8 VP.
  • If there are 2 or 3 Diamonds in play, each of them scores 4 VP.
  • If there are 4 or 5 Diamonds in play, each of them scores 2 VP.

Diamond Mine -  non-final artwork
Diamond Mine - non-final artwork

The easiest way to get a Diamond is through the Diamond Mine: pay 5 gold coins to gain one. This is a very attractive move, but it is expensive and as the Diamond Mine is a Wonder you won’t be able to activate another one afterward !

With the Hero Lion you can get a Diamond without cost, but the drawback is consequent: you must destroy one of your Buildings! Lion being a Legendary Hero, you move the Culture from this Building and place it on Lion, but you will never gain culture from it anymore !

Caravan of Xi’an -  non-final artwork
The Incredible Market Xi’An - non-final artwork

Equilibrium -  non-final artwork
non-final artwork

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Finally, the third way to get a Diamond is to activate the Incredible Market of Xi’an. The latter one is an amazing Building, as profitable as fun! Indeed, the Market is like a lottery, you never know what you might get from it... It has its share of luck, one of it is to be offered the possibility to buy a Diamond for the price of 5 gold coins. That way you don’t have to use the Diamond Mine and you get to activate another Wonder of your choice… unless you are Xi’an and you seek to collect as many Diamonds as you can! We will disclose the other options available on the Incredible Market later ...

Xi’An -  non-final artwork
Xi’An - non-final artwork

Xi’an is an Immortal who focuses on several aspects of the game, he is the Collector of the Immortal 8 universe. He has two different ways to score VP :

  • For each series of 3 different Civilization tokens (1 Military + 1 Scientific + 1 Chaos) he scores 8 VP. Keep in mind that you can’t own more than 10 Civilization tokens at a time, so Xi’an can earn at best 24 VP here.
  • Each Diamond owned by Xi’an are always worth 8 VP, regardless of the number of Diamonds in play.

Let’s take a look at the Equilibrium mechanic, which is tied to Xi’an influence in the Immortal 8 universe :

Several cards give you direct VP if you own at least one token of each Civilization :

  • A Building : The Caravan of Xi’an ; Gain 1 VP per series of 3 different Civilization tokens you have.
  • A World Effect Wonder : The Equilibrium of Xi’an. World Effect : at the end of your Kingdom Phase, gain 3 VP if you control at least one series of 3 different Civilization tokens.

The Incredible Market Xi’An -  non-final artwork
Caravan of Xi’an - non-final artwork

non-final artwork
Equilibrium - non-final artwork

Having the Caravan and the Equilibrium of Xi’an in play encourages players not to specialize in a unique strategy (Military, Science or Chaos). The acquisition of Civilization tokens then leads to 2, completely different, strategies :

  • Specialize in one Civilization to earn Supremacy tokens.
  • Diversify to obtain direct VP thanks to the Caravan and the Equilibrium.

Trying to profit from the 2 strategies can be risky because you could lose a Supremacy more easily. Indeed, earning different tokens means you might not be as strong as expected in one domain and allow your opponents to steal the expected Supremacy.

Also, to diversify means to benefit the Immortals of Chaos by giving them extra VP for the Chaos tokens in play. In that sense, Xi’an is a valuable ally for them since he will try to have 3 Chaos tokens to complete his series.

Next week, we will introduce you to a new Immortal: Galmi. We will also talk about the Wonder strategy in more detail.




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