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Publisher diary 7/8

As promised in the previous article, this week will be all about Galmi and Wonders which both are strongly linked. Indeed, Galmi’s score depends on Wonders: for each Wonder token in play he scores 2 VP, and he doubles the VP he gets from his Wonder ranking. Now you may ask what this Wonder ranking is ... We mentioned it few weeks back, so it is time for us to explain it more in details.

Galmi - non-final artwork

During the Victory phase, the player with most Wonder tokens gains 8 VP. The one in second position gains 4 VP and the third 2 VP. In case of a tie, all the players concerned gain the same amount of VP. For example, if two players are in first position with 3 Wonder tokens, they both earn 8 VP. The Wonder ranking could thus be considered as a "soft majority"... at least until Justice is concerned… Indeed, as you know by now, Justice wins all ties, and this applies to the Wonder ranking. That means, when she is at tie in the Wonder ranking, she sends down a rank all the players concerned !

Justice is therefore Galmi’s worst fear as his scoring depends on his place at the Wonder ranking. It happens that Justice doesn’t reveal herself before the Victory phase. In that case Galmi has to make sure he is in first position with no chance of a tie to insure his points.

There is a card (and one only) in the deck that is not a Wonder but still comes with a Wonder token as a bonus. This card is Galmi’s Avatar, one of the Legendary Heroes. During the Kingdom phase, he allows you to activate, for a second time, one of your Buildings. Moreover, during the Victory phase, if you control Galmi’s Avatar, you gain 4 VP for each diamond you own. The Avatar is a powerful and useful Hero for every Immortal :

  • If you embody a specialist Immortal (Goan Sul or Phoenix), you can reactivate a building to gain more Civilization tokens.
  • If you embody Xian, your Diamonds score 12VP !
  • If you embody Narashima, at the end of the game, because the Avatar is Legendary, you earn 2 VP, regardless of who owns it.
  • No matter the Immortal you embody, it allows you to enter the Wonder ranking without having to play one !

Galmi -  non-final artwork
Galmi’s Avatar - non-final artwork

Galmi’s Avatar is what we call a "first pick": a card you want to select during the 1st turn of a Draft and that sets your strategy. Its weakness (because it would be to easy without one) is that, once played, your opponents will counter draft all the best Buildings to limit its power ...

Important point : at the 4th turn of the first Living Draft all Bonuses are doubled except for the Wonder tokens !

Galmi’s Sanctuary -  non-final artwork
Temple of Galmi - non-final artwork

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Galmi’s related cards are very versatile. They enable alternative strategies to win VP, especially Galmi’s Temple. This Building allows you, against 2 gold coins, to earn 2 VP for each Wonder token in your possession. Coupling Galmi’s Temple with Galmi’s Avatar is an obvious but very powerful combo, one of many found in Immortal 8 !

The player embodying Galmi will hope that a maximum of Wonders is played throughout the game. He will then (in a subtle way) encourage his opponents to play Wonder cards. At the same time, he has to keep in mind that it is essential for him to stay in first position in the Wonder ranking. Thus, he can’t let all the Wonder cards to his opponents and has to play 2 or 3 Wonders, at least enough for him to be first in the ranking. It is all a matter of balance !

To that extent, the Amber Hourglass Wonder is a perfect card to play for Galmi. Indeed, the Amber Hourglass isn’t an action Wonder but has instead a “World Effect”. This one allows each player to activate not one but two Wonders during the Kingdom phase. Wonders are therefore, to any Immortal, more attractive to play.

Meanwhile, Galmi’s Sanctuary is much more focused on Galmi’s strategy. By activating it and paying 5 gold coins you gain a Wonder token. This cost is reduced by 1 coin for each Galmi Buklding you control ! Combined with Galmi’s Temple it creates an expensive but powerful combo ! This card is more than beneficial for Galmi as it allows him to gain extra VP while assuring his first place in the Wonder ranking ...

Galmi’s Avatar -  non-final artwork
The Amber Hourglass - non-final artwork

Temple of Galmi -  non-final artwork
Galmi’s Sanctuary - non-final artwork

See you next week for our last article on new sub-mechanisms you can found in Immortal 8 and especially Tomorrow, an Immortal not for everyone’s hand ...



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