Immortal 8

Supremacy phase

Publisher diary 3/8

This week we will go through the last and final phase of a round : the Supremacy phase. At the end of this article you will know all the basic rules of Immortal 8.

Cover - non-final artwork
Cover - non-final artwork

Now back on topic : let’s discover together the Supremacy phase !

Once the Kingdom phase accomplished it is time for the Supremacy phase to begin. During that phase each player counts the number of Civilization token he owns. The player with the most Military tokens wins a Supremacy token, same thing with the Science tokens. A Supremacy token is worth 4VP at the end of the game.

The Supremacy phase is very important as it is the result of fierce battles conducted during the Kingdom phase. Getting a Supremacy token is almost vital to Goan-Sul and Phoenix, the Immortals we call “specialists” since they must accumulate a maximum of Civilization tokens.

Immortal 8
Supremacy token - non-final artwork

If case of a tie nobody wins the Supremacy token corresponding ... unless Justice is in play.

Immortal8 - Justice
Justice - non-final artwork

Justice is the only Immortal with the ability to reveal herself at any time throughout the game. When revealed, she automatically wins a Supremacy token. Now why reveal your Immortal identity you may ask ? Well it is simple, in the event of a tie Justice always wins.

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This is a very powerful ability as at the end of the game every Supremacy token earned by Justice scores 8VP. Suffice to say that Supremacy tokens is Justice’s main strategy to win the game. You will find out later that there are different ways to gain Supremacy tokens so that Justice’s fate doesn’t rest solely on the Supremacy phase !

Once the Supremacy phase of the 1st round done, the 2nd round starts with its Drafting phase. After the second Supremacy phase, comes into play the last and final phase : the Victory phase. At this point Immortals will reveal their identity and count their victory points in a precise order.

The order of the Immortals unveiling :

1.   Justice


2.   Tomorrow


3.   Galmi


4.   Abhilasha


5.   Narashima


6.   Phoenix


7.   Goan-Sul


8.   Xi'an


Each player calculates :

  • His immortal scoring
  • His position in the Wonders ranking
  • 4 VP for each Supremacy token
  • 1 VP for each Culture token on its buildings
  • The VP value corresponding to the number of Diamonds he owns
  • His VP tokens accumulated during the game


The player with the highest score wins the game and will reign unchallenged in the world of Immortal 8! In event of a tie, either Justice is one of the Immortals concerned and she wins the game, otherwise it is the Immortal with the highest number that becomes the winner !

Immortal 8
Elite School of Justice - non-final artwork

The Elite School of Justice is a Building that allows you to gain a Civilization token of your choice (Military or Science), for 2 gold coins. Moreover, each time you gain a Supremacy token you also gain 2 VP.

Immortal 8
Supremacy token - non-final artwork

This card is not as easy to play as the buildings seen previously (Armory and Observatory) since its profitability (VP earned with it) will depend on your ability to get Supremacy tokens.

Depending on the cards played during the Draft phase, it can be difficult to obtain a certain type of Civilization token. The Elite School can then be a powerful tool as it provides the Civilization token of your choice. Depending on the rarity of certain types of Civilization tokens, your opponents will activate your Elite School and you will gain Culture points.

Building an Elite School while embodying Justice is a good combo as it will generate a great number of VP. The record of Supremacy tokens won is currently 7. The player was Justice and he achieved victory! Keep in mind that it is actually possible to build twice the same Building ...

Immortal 8
Swords of Justice - non-final artwork

The Swords of Justice is, as you can see on the left bottom corner of the card, a Wonder. When activated, you can discard 5 Civilization tokens of your choice to gain 1 Supremacy token. This Wonder is very useful, especially in the 2nd round as it allows you to earn a Supremacy token when you know you are already out of the Supremacy competition. It thus ensures you to score 4VP or more if you play Justice. This Wonder works very well with the Elite School with which you will give you 2 additional VP.

The Swords of Justice have another interesting impact on the game ... Indeed, we will see next week that there is a third type of Civilization token : Chaos !

Some Immortals love to spread it all around as it is a type of scoring for them. Needless to say that this Wonder is one of their worst fear !

On that note, see you next week to explore the dark side of Immortal 8 …



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