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Publisher diary 5/8

Last week, we introduced you to the Chaos and how it impacted the world of Immortal 8. If you remember well, we also briefly mentioned the fact that cards could be destroyed... Rest assured, Immortal 8 is an optimization game and because of that it is only possible to destroy your own cards.

There are several destruction cards in the deck. They have such powerful effects that they are very tempting to play. However, playing them gives a significant advantage to one Immortal in particular… On that note, let me present you the Immortal of Destruction : Narashima !

Immortal8 - Narashima
Narashima - non-final artwork


Narashima has several powers :

  • When revealed, all his Culture tokens are transferred on his Immortal card.
  • He can then destroy as many cards in his possession as he desires. Then, Narashima scores 2 VP per card in the discard pile, that means 2 VP for each card destroyed by all players throughout the game.
  • For each Legendary Hero in play, Narashima also scores 2 VP.


Narashima is an Immortal with a rather flexible style of play. Even though his scoring mainly depends on the number of cards destroyed, he can develop different strategies to gain some few extra VP. He can thus go for the Military, Scientific or Chaos Supremacy, earn direct VP, get some Culture tokens, gain Diamonds ... It is for these reasons that he is an Immortal harder to play than Goan-Sul for example. Nevertheless, his style of play is very nice since he scores VP thanks to his opponents without costing him a lot of resources ...

What are those famous destruction cards? There are in fact 4 of them in the whole deck of 48 cards :

  • A Wonder: Narashima’s Firelands
  • A Building (available in 2 copies): Narashima’s Altar
  • A Hero: Lion

There is also the Chaos Portal, mentioned last week, that destroys itself to reveal the first 3 cards of the deck in order for you to choose one and play it.

Immortal8 - Narashima's Altar
Narashima’s Altar - non-final artwork

The Narashima’s Altar is a Building that has multiple effects.

  • During the Kingdom phase you can activate it to sacrifice a Hero against which you will earn 3 VP. Of course, you must control a Hero to use it, and preferably one you won’t need later. The Altar is a great generator of Culture tokens as your opponents won’t be able to resist to 3 easy VP.
  • During the Victory Phase, if the Altar is the only card in your control, you gain a Supremacy token. It is a condition rather difficult to achieve because it means that you’d have to destroy all the other cards you control. Keep in mind that when a Wonder is played it is placed at the center of the table and thus no player controls it, making the number of cards in front of you less consequent. As you found out in Article 3, Justice doubles the value of her Supremacy tokens at the end of the game. The Altar can then be a very useful card for her.

Narashima’s Firelands is a Wonder. This implies that its action is very powerful. By activating it, you can destroy one of your cards to gain 2 different Civilization tokens.

Immortal8 - Narashima Firelands
Narashima’s Firelands - non-final artwork

It is surely one of the most beneficial Wonders of the game as it is a way to gain Chaos tokens, something rather rare in Immortal 8. 6 out of 8 Immortals are (more or less) interested by this card :


can win a Supremacy token or 2 this way

Tomorrow and Abhilasha

both Immortals of Chaos, can score more VP by adding extra Chaos tokens into play.


as the Collector, can’t refuse a set of different Civilization tokens


Of course !


More rarely, might also be interested by the Firelands, but you’ll discover why in a future article

Except for the “specialist” Immortals (Phoenix and Goan-Sul), Narashima’s Firelands is an important Wonder and will allow players to score a lot of VP. However, the drawback is significant as to activate it players must let go of one of their cards. In Immortal 8 you can play up to 5 cards, and 5 only, needless to say that each and every one of it counts so losing one is a major cost! Important detail: if you destroy a Building using the Firelands, you also lose the Culture tokens placed on it !

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Destroying one of your cards can sometimes be 100% profitable. Indeed, it can happen that your Draft Phase goes wrong, so being able to discard a card can help you readjust your strategy and get back in the game. It can also prevent your opponents from using your card, especially if you’re one of the first players in turn order !

Immortal8 - Lion
Lion - non-final artwork

Lion is one of the 3 Legendary Heroes of Immortal 8, the others 2 being Abunakkashii and Galmi’s Avatar. He has 2 very significant powers :

  • During the Kingdom Phase, you can destroy one of your Building in exchange for a diamond and place its Culture tokens on Lion.
  • During the Victory Phase, if Lion is the only card you control, you gain a Supremacy token. (just like the Narashima’s Altar)

Next week, you will learn more about Diamonds and how to obtain them. You will also discover Xi’an, the Collector and a firm believer of the figure 8.



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