Immortal 8

Presentation of Chaos

Publisher diary 4/8

For this 4th article, the team of Sorry We Are French and Moonster Games think you are finally ready to discover an important aspect of Immortal 8, a little bit taboo, the Chaos! Represented by its two Immortals (Tomorrow and Abhilasha), Chaos also attracts Xi'an, the Collector and even Justice !

Chaos is represented by purple colored Civilization tokens. There are thus 3 types of Civilization coexisting in the world of Immortal 8. Unlike Military and Science tokens, Chaos tokens are harder to collect. Chaos also distinguished itself from the other Civilizations since it can be given to you by your opponents (when it is usually not in your best interest). This might seem harmless, but each player is limited to a maximum of 10 Civilization tokens. You can’t ever exceed this maximum and once you are at full capacity you can’t discard your unwanted tokens.

Immortal 8
Chaos Civilization Token

During the Victory phase, each of the 2 Immortals of Chaos scores VPs depending on the number of Chaos tokens in play. They will thus seek at any price to spread Chaos tokens all around. This strategy allows them to gain VP at the end of the game but also to block other Immortals such as Phoenix or Goan-Sul ...

There is only one way to get rid of Chaos tokens: the Swords of Justice. As you discovered it last week, thanks to this Wonder you can discard 5 Civilization tokens of your choice in exchange for a Supremacy token. A player embodying an Immortal of Chaos will be advised to turn this card down during the Draft phase so that his opponents can’t play it ...

Immortal8 - Shadow
Shadow - non-final artwork

Shadow is a Hero of Chaos. Revealed during the Draft phase, he comes with a Chaos token as a bonus. His action is to give a Chaos token up to two players. If Shadow is destroyed, the player controlling it must perform a Dark Ritual. This means that he must fetch the Wonder Dark Ritual in the deck and play it (if not already in play).

Destruction ? Next week article we will tell you more about the mechanics of destruction ...

Chaos Portal - non-final artwork

The Dark Ritual is a Wonder that instead of an action has a 'WorldEffect'. This is a permanent effect that adds a new rule to the game.

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With the Dark Ritual a new Supremacy comes into play during the Supremacy phase: the Chaos Supremacy. The same way as the other 2 Civilizations, the player with the most Chaos tokens will gain a Supremacy token of a value of 4VP. Once in play, the Dark Ritual changes the dynamic of the game because having Chaos tokens becomes very appealing even I you are not affiliated to it but doing so helps the Immortals of Chaos a lot. Who told you choices are tough in Immoral 8? Lucky for you, you can decide to gain this majority by yourself, especially thanks to cards that give you Chaos tokens, like the Chaos Portal.

Dark Ritual - non-final artwork

Speaking of luck, the Chaos Portal allows you to try your own! When you play this card, during the Draft Phase, you win a Chaos token. Then, during the Kingdom Phase, you can destroy it, look the first 3 cards of the deck and choose one to play.

This is a very appreciated card because it allows you, especially if you play late in turn order, to choose a card among 3 after the Draft phase : you can adapt you strategy to your opponent’s !

The might of the Chaos Portal can be a weakness as it involves a luck factor. You can sometimes not be interested at all in the 3 cards revealed by the Portal, or they don’t fit your strategy or the current situation in the game. If you are not playing an Immortal Chaos-related, you now have a Chaos token you want to get rid of and you give VPs to the Chaos Immortals, if they are in play, but you don’t know it yet !

Immortal8 - Abhilasha
Abhilasha - non-final artwork

Abhilasha scores 2VP per Chaos token in play at the end of the game. In addition, he scores 1VP per Gold Coin in his possession. A player can’t own more than 10 Gold Coins at a time, same applies for the Civilization tokens.

Abhilasha is an Immortal rather difficult to play. Indeed, because you want to keep your valuable money you can be reluctant to spend it to activate other players cards. You then have to find alternatives and cheap combos to earn some extra VP. Few cards allow you to earn money such as Gorgon Treasury or the Incredible Market of Xi'an, which will be discussed in the coming weeks. As you understand it, it is better for Abhilasha not to play too many cards that are activated for a fee.

See you next week for a focus on the destruction mechanic !



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