Immortal 8

Immortal 8 : a civilization drafting game set in a heroic-fantasy universe

Playable from 3 to 6 players, it lasts approximatively 8 minutes per player.

Author: Emmanuel Beltrando
Illustrator: David Sitbon

At the beginning of the game players secretely receive an Immortal card which will lead them in their strategic decisions. A game of Immortal 8 is divided into 2 rounds, each of them being divided into 3 phases : Living Draft, Kingdom and Supremacy.

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Immortal8 - Précommande

Publisher diary 1/8

Cover – non-final artwork
Cover – non-final artwork

In Immortal 8, like in any proper Civilization game, you start with nothing: no resource, no building, nothing at all, except … an Immortal card. Indeed, at the beginning of the game you will be given the unique identity of an Immortal that you will have to keep secret. Your mission is to build the civilization that matches your Immortal requirements. Each Immortal has its own way of scoring which represents a significant part of your final score. As you probably just guessed, the goal of the game is to score the most victory points. (It might not be very original but you get to be an Immortal, and that’s pretty badass don’t you think ?)

The game is played in 2 rounds during which you will have to build and develop your civilization. Throughout the entire game you will be able to play a maximum of 5 cards. Now we know what you might think, playing only 5 cards may not seem much for a development game designed for core-gamers. But don’t you worry, you will discover that a lot of combos and actions are possible thanks to the 36 different Civilization cards!

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There are 3 types of Civilization cards that form the Civilization draw pile:

  • 12 unique Heroes
  • 12 different Buildings (2 of each)
  • 12 unique Wonders

Each round is divided into 3 phases : Living Draft, Kingdom and Supremacy. Today we will focus on the first phase: the Living Draft.

The Living Draft is very important as it sets the player’s strategy. During this phase all players draw cards from the Civilization pile (5 during the 1st round, 4 during the 2nd round). The number of cards dealt corresponds to the number of drafting turns. Therefore, there are 5 turns of draft during the 1st round and 4 during the 2nd one. Each player has a double-sided board in front of them to guide them through the Living Draft. During each drafting turn players select 1 card from their hand. When all players have selected their card, they place it face down on the corresponding space of their board. They then choose simultaneously whether to reveal it or not.

  • If you decide to play the card, turn it face up and place on it all the bonuses that come with it. These bonuses are indicated of the card. It can be a Civilization or a Wonder token, or sometimes nothing. If you earn a bonus on the 4th turn of the first draft, it is doubled. Cards have no cost as you are an Immortal after all ...
  • If you decide not to reveal your card, it remains face down and you gain as much gold coins as indicated on your player board. The amount of gold coins you earn depends on the drafting turn : 5/3/2/3/2 gold coins for the 1st round and 4/3/2/1 gold coins for the 2nd round. Coins are placed on the card you chose not to play.

Then each player passes on his cards to the player next to him (to his left during the 1st round and to his right during the 2nd round). Another turn of draft begins and so it goes until players have no more cards in their hands. Don’t forget to look at the cards previously played by your opponents, this will help you in your choice … or will make it even more complicated!

At the end of the Living Draft you have to have in front of you no less than 2 cards face down. It means you can play a maximum of 3 cards during the 1st round and a maximum of 2 during the second one. It also implies that you will earn at least a few gold coins. We will reveal the utility of gold coins next week … Once the Living Draft phase done, all players discard their un-played cards on the top of the Civilization pile which is then shuffled. Then all players organize their Kingdom area. Their Buildings are placed on top, disposed according of the drafting order (from left to right) and their Heroes under it. The Wonder cards played are placed at the center of the table to form the Wonders area.

Immortal8 - Goan-Sul
Goan-Sul himself, non-final artwork

Each week, you will discover a new Immortal and one Civilization card that matches his Immortal strategy. So today let us present you Goan-Sul !

Goan-Sul is the God of War. At the end of the game, he scores 3VP per military Civilization token and 1VP per military Civilization card he controls, Goan-Sul being of course one of them. Goan-Sul is the easiest Immortal to play because his strategy is quite simple : accumulate the most military Civilization tokens ! He will score a lot a VP regularly. This doesn’t mean he is invincible, but that he is most likely to be in a good position to win the game … at least until you discover how to counter him efficiently !

Immortal8 - Goan-Sul
Goan-Sul Armory, non-final artwork

Goan-Sul Armory is one of the two Buildings affiliated to the God of War. It allows you to earn military Civilization tokens. When revealed during the Living Draft it comes with a bonus of 1 military token. Then it can be activated during the Kingdom phase to earn once again 1 military Civilization token.

Immortal 8 is a game with a strong learning curve. We recommend players to play it with the same group of friends. This way, not only you will be able to discover new combos together, but also learn (mostly from your mistakes) how to counter them. Some strategies can seem very powerful at first sight : they are obvious and easy to set up. But don’t be fooled because as your experience will increase you will discover that Immortal 8 is a very subtle game and that there is more than one winning strategy!


A board game for 3-6 players,
approximatively 8 minutes per player

Civilization themed game set
in a heroic-fantasy world realized through stunning artwork

6 large player boards
and more than 200 tokens

Oversized cards (80x120mm)
for an immersive experience

Many choices offered
by playing only 5 cards during the game !

Drafting and combos
are the key to victory

8 unique Immortal cards, 48 Civilisation cards, 18 Trade cards
Buildings, Heroes, Wonders !

Simple to learn gameplay
with deep and strategic choices

Huge replayabilty
and a lot of paths to victory

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